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October 28, 2021
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Category: Start / Bands
Bands who like the LCNMB and bands the LCNMB likes!

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Allmost Brothers Band  Popular
The members of Revolver, and their tribute to the Allman Brothers Band, have gotten rave reviews in the North East. First formed in 1978, Revolver has won it's fan's over with upbeat original songs, timely cover tunes, and performances of Allman Brothers Band songs that have left even some of the most seasoned "Southern" rockers speachless. Won't you stop in and check 'em out !
Added on: 17-Dec-2004 | hits: 1514
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Blue Wolf Band  Popular
BWB is part of the original (Fifth of Paradise) band! And loves Lefty and No Mercy! Just linked 'em from my new site! Keep Rockin yall! Brian
Added on: 12-Sep-2005 | hits: 1316
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Generation Hex is a group of veteran musicians who’ve spent most of their lives on stage, playing more styles of music than there are category names. Brought together by a love of performing, driven by a need to provide something fresh to their many friends and fans, Generation Hex is more than just a band. Combining over 30+ years of influences and material with a high-energy stage show, they are quickly becoming a “must see” band. Four- and five-part vocal harmonies working side-by-side with amazing musicianship, wrapped up in a stage show that brings back the glory days of rock. With a list of well over 100 songs (and counting), they can create a show to suit any venue or crowd. From festivals and corporate events to the top clubs throughout the Midwest, Generation Hex will be there, carrying the torch of live rock and roll, the way it was MEANT to be performed.
Added on: 14-Nov-2005 | hits: 1388 | Rating: 10 (3 Votes)

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m a n t l e :  Popular
Blues, rock, slide guitar, metal, and various other influences all fused together encompass the sound of mantle: hailing from New York.
Added on: 25-Feb-2006 | hits: 1180
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