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September 21, 2021
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Gadsden 12/02/05

from The Island Of Mis-fit Toys

My post from Lefty's site...

Just trying to post my thoughts on the bands recording this weekend. Had a lot of time on the solo trip back home to reflect on what might have been going on in the heads of the band members, at least this would have been going on in my head.

Recording a live album, away from home, in an unfamiliar, yet familiar place. Johnny Sandlin producing, the ABB Fillmore East recording being the yardstick of live albums. Damn, I'm getting seasick writing this. Internal and external pressure.

I don't get any credit for writing this and I am definitely not posting just to say I went, and I don't want to blow smoke because the recording will be out and everyone can see for themselves whether my post or others have any merit. I have seen the band 5 times this year and while I am not an authority on them, my ears arenít broke.

Friday show.... Great. Heard a couple of keepers. Brent Sibley joining in on a few numbers. I was not disappointed. Sounded great.

Back to the hotel and I got the feeling that the band was not satisfied this was their best. I thought it was good.. no problems. As always, a lot of conversation and famABBly talk.

Saturday show...Different..even during the soundcheck. Matter of fact the last song of the soundcheck was a keeper. The band started out paced and measured. It was apparent to me that they were having fun playing music and not thinking about being recorded.

From the first song until the last the band played at the nth degree of their capability. Three sets and I could not tell the difference of the quality of playing between the sets. Typically a band plays and after a break of a great set, they are not able to do as well as the previous set. Not so on Sat night. The band played the entire night. Brent went up cold on a few numbers and played the guitar off the fretboard..just playing his ass off. Got chicken skin a couple of times. I hope we will hear those songs again. JP with his tongue almost hanging out his mouth, Pete...doing some weird dance while he was playing, Todd just Winking and Lefty just being Lefty.

I am glad I do not have to pick and choose what songs are in and which songs aren't. It would be tough. Better be glad one of the greatest producers in the world is guiding you.

Buy the CD when it comes out.. and make your own opinion.

Brent Sibley, I will be dogging your a** on the GB and soon. I loved spending the afternoon spending time with you and all of the ABB talk and getting to hold Dicky Betts red guitar and all of the other memorabilia. You and I are brothers whether you like it or not . You may have an unhealthy obsession with Duane and I do too. We will both die happy.

Randy (Buppalo1), I have not met a human being in my life that has your personality and your perspective on life and people. You are not the Mayor of Gadsden. You are something a whole lot more.

Susan and Ellen..Girls gone Vancura. A pleasure to hang out with you. Great food and most of all, great friendship.

Rusty and Donna..not Doris,
I am at a loss for words thinking about what I could say about you. except for "Doris in the House" .

SistaBluz...Damn you are a dish. Great to see you and thanks for the pics.

Willie Howard, Will see you soon and I am working on "Little Martha". I have only known you since Wanee. Didn't cost Momma one birth pang and I got another brother. The Howard Brothers Band. Damn Right!

The band... thanks for including everyone in the jam at the end and thanks JP for letting me play his guitar.

And thanks to all for letting me enjoy you!
"Better to be hated for who you are than loved for who you aren't". - Unknown
5.12.2005 16:32

Added:  Wednesday, January 04, 2006
Reviewer:  bluedad
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