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September 22, 2020
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John VancuraJohn Vancura - Guitar and Vocals

Iíve always had music around me since I can remember. My older brother Pete always had guitars lying around the house for me to toy with, and then in high school I took a guitar class and learned the basics and started to practice regularly. I was heavily influenced by Rush, Metalica, Malmsteen, Iron Maiden and many other heavy metal bands. This brought me into a band with Steve Savage (guitar), Jack Pender (bass/vocals) Greg Peterlin (drums) and Brent Capps (vocals) called Lethal Injection, which later morphed into Fallacy, a great progressive metal band, with Jack and Greg from Lethal Injection, and John Helmin (guitar). Then after a small hiatus, I got together with Jim Thomas, Scott Shelburg and Mike Bailey to form The Del Rey Melvins which was more on the alternative/funk side of the spectrum. All these guys are great musicians, and helped make me what I am today. In 2000 I had a chance to play a couple of shows with the No Mercy Band and loved the improvised style that I had never done before. I never knew what to expect from song to song and after 3 years of playing with this fine group, I still donít.

The amazing thing is that I still play at all. I was in a band in High School with a drummer named Rob McCauley. I almost quit playing after that because Rob was so bad. He was to timing what Nixon was to the truth. Thankfully, I got a drum machine and a few years later I made a full recovery.

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