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September 22, 2020
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Lefty's Blues Cruzers

Lefty Collins & the No Mercy Band's advance team, Lefty's Blues Cruzers, keep up with the No Mercy Band's schedule and hang up/ hand out flyers in advance of their shows to promote them. Flyers will be available under Art Work in the Media Gallery soon. All you have to do is print 'em out and fill in the specifics of the No Mercy Band's gig in your area.

Handing out flyers to folks at like-minded shows in your area and hanging them up on all the usual and customary poles and public bulletin boards is an effective, grass roots method of letting folks know the band is coming to town. Another way to help is by requesting permission to hang up posters at record stores, coffee shops, kiosks, etc.

To find out if a Blues Cruzer is needed for a show you're interested in helping out with, click on that show's date on the Calendar. If folks have already signed up, they will be listed under Event Information.

When Lefty Collins & the No Mercy Band comes to town, we'll make sure the Blues Cruzer is on the guest list for the show. In rare cases, a venue may restrict the Band's guest list and another form of "thank you" will be extended. Also, when the No Mercy Band is opening for another band, or appearing at festivals, the number of guest tickets they have access to is *very* limited. So, if you're 'Headin' one of these shows please know they will try to get tix for you but it's possible you may have to purchase one. Still check the box office for an envelope, but be prepared.

Getting together as Lefty's Blues Cruzers is a great way to have a lot of fun, provide a real service to the Band and enjoy their shows even more. If you're interested in hitting the streets for the Lefty Collins & the No Mercy Band, leave a message in the Lefty's Blues Cruzer section of the Forum or let us know the show you want to sign up for and we'll add you to the calendar. Thanks much!


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